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Today started off as any typical day would, waking up to the smell of my hair draped over my face, staring out the hotel window at a very bright sun telling me, “you slept in wayyyy to late,” and the shivering feeling that says, “why did you turn the air down to 61 degrees before you went to sleep?”  

Chapter 1

It was a busier day than the average.  A visit to FOX all access to play acoustic and film an interview was the kick-off event for my Friday, but that came after the 1 hour taxi ride through the heart of Los Angeles in bumper to bumper traffic.  After playing at FOX, my friend Trevor and I decided to grab a quick bite to eat before heading into 4pm traffic in LA.  We chose the nearest hot dog and hamburger stand we could find… a place called Weinersnitzle (I’m sure I butchered the spelling of that).  I had a hot dog with french fries and Trevor had the original cheeseburger.  Everything was jolly until about 30 minutes into our taxi ride back to the House of Blues in Anaheim California.  Trevor started feeling very ill and expressed to me the urgency of helping him puke out the window if necessary.  I, being the good friend that I am, said ok.  That’s when it happened…

Chapter 2

I started itching what looked like a mosquito bite on my left forearm when I noticed that there were multiple mosquito bites around my left arm.  I searched the cab for this evil mosquito that was so incognito that even I couldn’t see it with my bare eyes.  The bites started appearing on my right arm.  Where was this mosquito???  I was convinced that it had to be an invisible flying biting machine that was eating my arms for lunch.  Trevor, who at this time was green and blue in the face, looked at me and said, “dude I think you are having an allergic reaction to the food we just ate.”  I quickly responded with, “no, that can’t be it, I’m not allergic to anything, I’m pretty sure there is an invisible bug that keeps biting me.”  

Chapter 3

We returned back to the bus after a 2 1/2 hour cab ride in which we came out both sick and wounded.  I was extremely reluctant to exit the cab until I noticed 15 minutes after more bites were appearing and they were on my chest and stomach.  At this point there were enough people on the bus to tell me that I was 100% definitely having an allergic reaction to something I ate, touched, or put on.  The first thing that came to mind was the food we ate, since Trevor’s food poisoning kept getting worse.  Since we were playing at the House of Blues in Disney we decided to call Mickey Mouse and see if he could send over a nurse to check us out.  

Chapter 4

The nurse arrived at the bus about 10 minutes after we called with a medical bag, an assistant, and a security guard.  She took my vitals said I was ok and asked me a series of questions in order to directly locate the reason for the breakout.  We concluded that I ate the most deadly, evil hot dog on the planet and that I was lucky to be alive because some reactions effect the throat and breathing first.  She gave me allergy medicine and I am happy to say that I should be cured by morning.  


I learned a very valuable lesson from this experience….. Never eat crappy hot dogs, they will make you sick to your stomach and they will also make sure they attack you by sending angry invisible microscopic animals that bite you when you’re not looking.

With all this being said, my band now thinks that I am diseased :(

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