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So for anybody who gets or got our new record Smile Kid, there is something behind-the-scenes-esq that you should know :)

You’ll notice on the Physical Deluxe version of Smile Kid, the CD sits on a red tray….those red trays were left over from The Beatles 1 record that compiled all their greatest hits…

We were able to get all the leftovers from their label because we are huge fans of the Beatles and because we asked nicely :)

So when you get the deluxe CD you will not only have our new CD but you’ll also have a little memorabilia from The Beatles!

Pretty cool huh?

Hi, I'm Travis!

I sing and play guitar in a band called We The Kings. I also have a clothing line called King Travis Clothing. I like to Tweet and some times even Instagram. Oh yea, I also have Facebook! Not to mention this here Tumblr!

Travis Clark