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today, i woke up around 8am…I went into the kitchen to grab a glass of orange juice.  I went back to sleep for about an hour, I then woke up around 9am and searched for my iPhone.  Immediately when you lose your cell phone you try calling it…so, that’s exactly what I did although it was nowhere to be found.

a few hours go by it’s around 11:15am I decide to abandon my search, thinking it would do the boomerang effect (established by none-other-than Danny Duncan) and come back to me when it was ready.  Before leaving the house to go get lunch I decided I would grab another glass of orange juice.  When I opened the refridgerator, I didn’t see the OJ, I saw my cell phone sitting exactly where the Orange Juice should have been.  I smiled and walked straight to my bedroom where I knew I would find the Orange Juice sitting right next to my bed where my phone should have been. 

Apparently, I did some sort of talented sleep walking magic this morning at 8am and traded my phone for the orange juice.  Needless to say my phone was very cold but probably happy to be out of the refrigerator.  What a way to start off the day….

the only other time I’ve ever done something like that was when I was a kid I used to always put the house phone in the mailbox….I don’t know why, but when my parents would ask me to go outside and get the mail, I would take the house phone with me and accidently trade it for the mail.  After the 3rd time of leaving it in the mailbox there was a new “don’t take the house phone outside” rule established by my parents to protect the phone from being mailed to somebody.

Daily Advice:  

Putting your phone in the refrigerator is weird…don’t be like me haha.

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