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So the other day at warped tour I got stuck in a port-o-potty for about 5 minutes! I don’t even know what happened… The knob wouldn’t turn to open and I started panicing, thinking I would be stuck in there forever.

I went to grab my phone and remembered that I left it in our bus to charge. I was officially screwed! I started trying to pry the lock open but nothing seemed to work.

After about 5 or 6 minutes I repeatedly rammed the door like a gorilla and eventually after the 8th pound I broke the door open and felt a rush of relief overcome my body.

Through this trauma I have acquired a new fear of port-o-pottys… Be safe next time you try and use one ;)

Hi, I'm Travis!

I sing and play guitar in a band called We The Kings. I also have a clothing line called King Travis Clothing. I like to Tweet and some times even Instagram. Oh yea, I also have Facebook! Not to mention this here Tumblr!

Travis Clark