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I’ve always been open about my personal life with people who care about me so I wanted to say something: Sasha and I after 8 years have come to an end. We grew apart while I was on the road touring for the past 3 years. I think she will always love me but in this case she fell out of love with me. I will always love her and hope that she finds true happiness and true love. I’ve never felt heartbreak before and it is a crazy feeling, at times I wish I didn’t have a heart, maybe I would miss caring about people but at least I would know that I would never ever feel this again.

I’m a wreck right now and never want to be in a relationship again. I feel like I don’t have what it takes or the emotional strength to fall in love again. I love every single one of my friends, fans, and family more than they will ever know but at this point in my life, I can’t offer somebody else what they need and deserve. I’m a good dude and I’ve always wanted to be someone that people can trust, but right now there is not a bone in my body that doesn’t feel broken from our breakup. I never want to be on the opposite end of this or make anyone feel the way I do now.

I’m broken and there has been somebody there to help me feel better, maybe it will turn into something more down the road but as for now I’ve decided to take a second to focus on myself and my music and the people who have made me everything I am today.

I hope this offers some clarity to some of you who have questioned me. I love you all very much.

I wrote this blog 4 weeks ago and have been waiting to post it, A LOT of stuff has changed in my life and I can finally say that I’m happy again…maybe posting this will finally help me get everything else off my chest.

I am a real person and I am no better than anyone, anywhere. This post is me being real.

I have continually convinced myself to be happy and to look on the brighter side of everything. I will always be positive and I will do whatever it takes to make somebody smile. Don’t be a cliche, always know what you have before it goes away. I don’t want the post to be sad, I want it to be real.

I just want to make you happy :)

Thank you guys for being my friends and for loving and supporting not only my band but me as a person.

Hi, I'm Travis!

I sing and play guitar in a band called We The Kings. I also have a clothing line called King Travis Clothing. I like to Tweet and some times even Instagram. Oh yea, I also have Facebook! Not to mention this here Tumblr!

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