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Hey everyone!!  So today, I was walking around my parent’s house and started laughing at all of the pictures they have of me as a youngin’.  I figured I would share them with you for OSS!

This picture was taken in the porch of our house which was our “jam room” and it was where we started the band.  A lot of bands start in garages but in Florida, it’s too hot for that :)

This picture was taken at our public beach in Bradenton, Florida.  It was probably taken right after I finished the most amazing sand castle ever and also right after one of my friends smashed it.

This picture was also taken at the beach.  It’s me and my bro…gosh it’s amazing how we are soooooo tan!!!

This next picture was taken right before I went out to sea for a long period of time.  I spent days, weeks, even months out on the open water with about 7 other sailors as we battled the depths of the oceans looking for the perfect catch.  The town had been starving for quite some time now and it was up to us to bring home fresh fish from the waters.  We had been gone for what seemed like years when one day, I casted the largest net into the Gulf of Mexico and with all my might, pulled it up out of the water.  I had hit a gold mine!! Fish for miles!!  I casted and re-casted until our boat was completely filled to the brim.  As we made our way to shore I remember seeing the girl I left, still waiting for me with tears in her eyes never knowing if I were alive or not until this very moment.  I hopped off the ship with my floaties (because after all, I was only about 4 years old) and swam to my love.  She met me in the water, her hair a dark brown now even darker from being wet, she puckered up to kiss me and I leaned in with the last breath of energy I had.  The crowd that awaited on the shore began clapping and cheering as they realized the love before their eyes.  WOW….I got carried away, my bad….All of that was a lie, but it would have been pretty sweet if it was real :)  Anyways…you should look at the picture below and read the story again haha.

This picture was taken the day I tried out for the movie ‘Problem Child.’  Apparently, I wasn’t mean enough!!  Maybe one day I can be in a movie :)

I remember this picture like it was yesterday…  At the daycare I went to we had picture day where they brought in a pony, a guitar, and a bunch of cowboy and cowgirl outfits.  It was like the highlight to the year, I remember everyone freaking out because the pony pooped on the sidewalk haha.

I’m pretty sure this was taken on Easter Sunday a reallllly long time ago.  It reminds me of all the times I take pictures looking at the sun and they usually come out with my eyes looking all squinty and stuff.  On a completely different side note….that flannel t-shirt I am wearing in this picture is sweeeeeeet!!!

Looking at old pictures is fun, you should do it because it brings back awesome memories!!!!  Maybe next week I’ll dig into my old yearbooks ;)

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